So you wanna be in Ghost, Buster?


I was just thinking the other day how great Jon Voight was in “Midnight Cowboy”, and at the same time, thinking about how sad it is that he’s been reduced to do such nonsense like “Tomb Raider” – If only to please his star daughter, Angelina Jolie. We’ll according to a report on SciFi Wire he’s up for a role in another comic-esque flick “Ghost Rider”, but this one’s sounding much more promising than his embarrassing turn in the Croft number.

"If you’re going to play a strong character in these pieces, and you’re not the leading man, you’re usually going to get cast in the [villain’s] role," Voight said in an interview. Voight declined to say which of the comic series’ many villains he will play.

Crystal Sky Communications, the production company in which Voight is a partner, is co-producing the film with Marvel Entertainment and Sony’s Columbia Pictures. Voight said his Crystal Sky connection led the producers to consider casting him.