Dundee skips the bush


A little over a week ago I was tipped off to news of a new Australian comedy being made in Yackandandah, Victoria. All I was told was that John Walker [from “Full Frontal”] and Michael Caton [“The Castle”] would be starring in the movie, that it was about two gay guys and that a “bigger” name star was set to join the cast. But who? That I couldn’t find out – Until today.

The Herald Sun reported this morning that Paul Hogan – yep “Crocodile Dundee” himself – would star alongside Michael Caton in a film called “Strange Bedfellows”.

The film tells the story of two straight old-timers in a small country town who, out of financial desperation, declare themselves a gay couple on a tax return. It’s the first “true” Aussie flick in 16 years for Hoges, who says the script was one of the funniest he has ever read.

"I love the character. It’s the first script I’ve had where I thought, ‘I don’t have to rewrite any of this’," Hogan said.

Co-star Michael Caton said, “It is without a doubt the funniest thing I’ve read since The Castle. I think this film is going to be simply hilarious," he said.

According to the paper, Pete Postelthwaite [In the name of the Father, Alien 3] will also star in the film, set to lens in the area in August.