What happens at the end of "The Matrix Reloaded"?


Someone wrote and asked me yesterday if I’d gotten to see the trailer of “the Matrix Revolutions” at the end of “Reloaded”. Sure did – I should have mentioned that in the review, so people would know to stay till the end of the movie for it. As far as I can tell, it’s the trailer, much like the one for “Reloaded”, but with elongated scenes of Neo taking on Agent Smith in the Rain.

Scooper ‘James’ gave a description [saves me, doesn’t it].

Easily the most distinctive sequence is "Neo and Agent Smith standing in the pouring rain of a dark street…slowmotion shots of them running towards each other whilst along the sidewalks on both sides are hundreds of Smiths all lined up – both proceed to punch each others face at the same time in slow motion then a shot of them both flying back from the punch". There’s also shots of people in large robotic construction suits battling machines, gigantic land based machine vehicles, many sentinels and Zion residents fighting back, and finally a "shot of Neo in a room jumping over a flying Agent Smith who flies right at the screen".