Travolta set to "Punish" Thomas Jane!


Ask people what their favourite John Travolta movie is from the last few years and chances are they’re going to say it’s either “Face Off”, “Broken Arrow” or “Pulp Fiction”. Seems folks just love to see John Boy playing bad. Well have we got news for you

Danny Zuko has been cast as the villain in “The Punisher” movie. How cool is that? Just when I thought this movie could be no more than a “week in – week out” comic effort [not unlike “Daredevil”] – someone like Travolta signs on and bumps up its statute.

Variety says Travolta has signed on to play the character of Howard Saint, a former underworld figure who goes straight but returns to old habits after his son is slain. The two men – the other being “The Punisher” [Thomas Jane] square off against one another.

In related news, Superhero Hype! Has scored a first look at the new teaser poster for the film which is hitting theaters this week. Also, the site has learned that filming will begin in Tampa Bay, Florida this July for a summer 2004 release date.

My enthusiasm for “The Punisher” just increased!