Max and Legolas for "Revelations"?


Remember the “Revelations” trilogy that we talked about a couple of months ago here? It’s a new film trilogy that 35Central are trying to get off the ground. By all accounts, this could make up for the big vacant fissure that’s going to be left in Sci-Fi trilogy land once “The Matrix”, “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” wrap up. The project been going out to directors for months – Tobe Hooper, Michael Rymer, Russell Mulcahy…but as far as I know, no one has said yes. But there is something else to report…We can exclusively reveal who has been asked to headline this “intimate horror film”, and when it’s going to get going..

This scoop fluttered into the email inbox last night from ‘Paul’

friend of mine in the States mentioned in passing that he heard Jessica Alba (Dark Angel) and Orlando Bloom have been talking about the Revelations Trilogy. Remember that Armageddon one you mentioned ages ago that was being
done in Australia? Would they be starring together do you think?

I thought I’d get in contact with the studio to see if there’s any truth to this rumour, and hey…there sure is!

Both Jessica Alba and Orlando Bloom have been presented with the script for consideration, along with other potentials. One of their biggest considerations is that the trilogy will be shot back to back. Production looks likely in 2004.

Not bad casting choices at all, if I do say. Jessica Alba, well and truly kicked ass on Cameron’s “Dark Angel” series, but does need a good movie vehicle to get her on her way film wise. A trilogy like this – might just do that. And Orlando Bloom, well he seems to be one of the hottest young things on the planet right now – why wouldn’t they offer it to him. All in all, this thing’s sounding quite promising.