Gibson held "Prisoner" by Universal?


I just spent the day with his “2 Fast 2 Furious” co-star yesterday! And now they tell me! Ah, the joys of a rapid proclamation. The rumour mill reports that Tyrese Gibson [the slightly derisory new subordinate from “2 fast 2 Furious”] is up for the lead in the long mooted remake of “The Prisoner”, an old TV show that starred Patrick McGoohan.

FilmForce broke the news today after coming across it on the 4filmmakers website. According to the former, the site doesn’t say which role Gibson has allegedly been cast in but assumes it’s the lead role of the captured secret agent known only as "Number 6".

And apparently there’s a real possibility this isn’t yet more internet bullshit : “What gives this rumor some credence is that Universal, the studio behind The Prisoner, also made Tyrese’s forthcoming sure-to-be-hit, 2 Fast 2 Furious. Could the casting of Gibson be an unsubtle attempt by the studio to market the cerebral spy drama to audience demographics (the youth and "urban" audiences that will flock to 2F2F) that might be unfamiliar with (or could care less about) the original series?”, says the site.

Simon West – don’t have much faith in this guy since the rather rooted “Tomb Raider” – is directing.

Funnily enough, another ‘Gibson’ was once mooted for a movie based on “The Prisoner” – none other than Mel.