Macho, Macho Robbie..


There have been some great movie rumours this year – and bizarrely enough, most of them have Robbie Williams at the centre of them. Now comes another ripper – straight from Empire Online – which places wild Robbie smack bang at the hub of a latter-day rendition of “Macho Man”. Scary.

According to the site, Williams is in talks to play the Gay Cowboy in a “Village People” movie. According to The Metro and the London Evening Standard, Williams is offering a sweet sum of greenbacks for the film rights, telling friends ‘The Village People were icons. They defined disco and their story is amazing. It will make a great movie.’

Williams adds, ‘some of the Village People were gay and some of them weren’t. But, gay or not, they were great entertainers and their story deserves to be told.’

Ok, he can dance, he can sing, he’s been known to like a few men….ok, sold.