Gere up for "Sleepwalker"


I have to admit it; I didn’t expect Richard Gere to be making a comeback. Or should that be ‘another’ comeback? But after his sudden success in “Chicago” [and to an extent, “The Mothman Prophecies”] he seems to be riding a second [maybe third] wave of success. He’s heading back to the thriller factory for his next one apparently.

According to Variety, the tap-dancing Gere will star in “Sleepwalker”, Intermedia’s remake of the Swedish/Norwegian thriller about a sleepwalking man who fears he is responsible for the sudden disappearance of his family. Gere would play the sleepwalker, who straps a video camera to his shoulder hoping to replicate the situation and solve a mystery that gets more complicated as a result.

It all sounds rather intriguing. Nick Kazan and Doug Wright wrote the script and Mark Johnson is producing. They’re currently looking for a director.

And there’s no slowing down for Gere – he’s definitely striking why the iron’s hot – next appearing opposite JLo in “Shall we Dance” and then “Emperor Zehnder”. He’ll do “Sleepwalker” next Spring