Ex-Sunnydaler kissing Joey Potter!


It’s amazing to think that the one person from TV’s “Buffy” who has carved out the best little movie career for himself is actually the guy most of the fans despised, Marc Blucas. Now who’s got the last laugh? Blucas – who played Riley in the series, before packing his bag a couple of years back – has appeared in a quite a few movies since departing Sunnydale – “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, “They”, “We Were Soldiers” and “The Alamo”, to name but a few – And now, an even greater fraction…

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blucas has landed the much coveted male lead role in “First Daughter”, opposite Katie Holmes. First Daughter will see Holmes star as the daughter of the U.S. president who goes to college and falls into a fairy tale romance with a dashing graduate student (Blucas) only to find that her prince turns out to have a secret agenda.

The film is scheduled to start shooting in May under the direction of Forest “Couldn’t get Fat Albert off the ground” Whitaker.

Nice going Riley – I mean Marc – you really showed them – I mean, Miss Gellar.