"Superman" hopes go Bye, Bye, Bye


Well strip me of my decorum, parade my knickers on lamp poles and tint the town crimson with my blush – I’m simply embarrassed by the latest of the “Superman” rumours. Paul Walker tells me the script’s great and everything about the film will be great – despite the fact he and a dozen others passed on the role – But if that’s factual why would producers of the new $200 million-plus blockbuster go straight to MTV for their latest aspirant?

According to a report on Superhero Hype, Justin Timberlake has been asked to try on the Cape. Yep, you heard right – curly-top as Superman. Just a couple of weeks back, news surfaced that the ex- N’Sync singer had been asked to try for the role of Jimmy Olsen., but perceptibly running out of options they’ve asked him to try out for Superman too!

Timberlake was on London’s Capital FM Radio station and said he has been sent the script. He then confirmed he has indeed been asked to play the man of steel – not Olsen.

Keanu Reeves as Superman is suddenly starting to sound pretty good.

Meantime, Kym Barrett – the costume designer for “The Matrix Reloaded” – talked to The Los Angeles Times about her plans for the film.

"A lot of people would get fixated on what to do with the red underpants. My theory is first of all find your actor and then you work out what looks good," she said, referring to the upcoming remake, which does not yet have a director or lead actor.

"Everyone knows who Superman is, and if they see the movie they’ll be dying for him to get his clothes off and go pick up a train or whatever," she added. "My job is to enhance that anticipation."