"Hulk" sending execs Green?


The word on “The Hulk” is not good. Not good at all. And it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve heard people refer to the CGI teeming pilot as “Shrek”. Now that’s demoralizing. According to the wonderful Andy Jones at E Online, a test screening went down about as well as William Shatner’s first LP.

Says Jones, “I hear execs at Universal are turning green this week after a not so incredible screening of Hulk. The studio’s top brass was practically speechless. Apparently, director Ang Lee has turned in a melodramatic take on the comic book with an emphasis on drama–as in, really long and boring. Uh-oh. The suits concerns are way beyond the fanboy fears that the CGI big guy will look cheesy.

Still, isn’t this what Lee promised from the get-go? He has always said Hulk would be an examination of our repressed selves and the release of unchecked rage–an emotion Bruce Banner expresses by turning into a 15-foot mighty green giant. I always expected the story to be a psychological journey–it’s about the Hulk inside all of us. Still, one exec says, "It’s like he combined The Ice Storm with Shrek." Yikes. Regardless, I can’t wait.”

Can’t say I’m as excited to see “The Hulk” as I was, say, “X-Men 2”, but I’ll definitely be there, if only to support Eric. Here’s hoping he doesn’t need though.