Fancy a "Buffy" movie, maybe?


It’s a sad week for “Buffy” fans. I know, I’m one of them. As we speak, I’ve a disc playing on the DVD-Rom of this PC just to daunt the snuffle. Ok, I’m not quite that sadden – but I am a little cheerless that one of the finest series on Television is about to be laid to rest. And according to a report on The Hollywood Reporter, we can half blame Eliza Dushku for taking Sunnydale away…well sorta.

Joss Whedon tells the trade that a “Faith” spin-off was all the go until Dushku opted not to do it. “What happened was, I came up with a premise, and then Eliza Dushku (Faith) landed in our laps. We talked about the possibility of a spinoff, but that fell through. Although it was a good premise, it would’ve required a great deal of energy on the part of a lot of people, most of whom were like, "I feel the need to do something new." When it didn’t happen, we realized that we were clutching our stomachs with relief. Even those of us who might be involved in another spinoff — and I think there’s great potential in a lot of different directions for spinoffs — we need a breather”.

Whedon also commented on the Animated “Buffy” too that also died. “We just couldn’t find a home for (it). We had a great animation director, great visuals, six or seven hilarious scripts from our own staff — and nobody wanted it. I was completely baffled. I felt like I was sitting there with bags of money and nobody would take them from me. It was a question of people either not wanting it or not being able to put up the money because it was not a cheap show. One thing I was very hard-line about was, I didn’t want people to see it if it looked like crap. I wanted it to be on a level with "Animaniacs" or "Batman: The Animated Series." And that’s a little pricier. But I just don’t think it’s worth doing unless it’s beautiful to look at as well as fun.”

But this is the good news….Whedon let slip that… “there’s movie potential, there’s spinoff potential, there’s all sorts of potential”.

Did he see “movie potential”? Oh yeah – now that’s got us energized. You always said, Joss, that when Buffy finished on TV you’d consider a film version…so how about it?