Dirty Dancing all over Puetro Rico


Tell me to get off the magic mushies, but I’m actually interested to see what they can do with this “Dirty Dancing” sequel, “Havana Nights”. I’m even more intrigued now that they’ve managed to get Patrick Swayze to cameo.

Coming Soon has a fantastic set-report from the film up at their site.

DD2 location filming on Ponce, Puerto Rico on may 2003. They were really protective about the set, they were not letting anybody in. Apparently, Mr. Patrick Swayze was to arrive to this location at 2:00 AM to start filming at 4:00 AM, when it went all around the day up until almost 6:00 PM. Sorry about inside of the car, but I had to take these snapshots while racing through the street cause I managed to sneak in and take some photos. I turned around to take another round of photos but they saw some other people doing the same thing and ordered the street closed, which by the way is normally a very crowded street.

This car was used for miscellaneous filming around the shoots, some of the people that were working for the filming crew told me it could be used to shoot some important scenes, don’t know. I only took this shot cause they saw me with a camera and told me to pull over, which of course made me race out of there.

This is on my first round through the street, ~5:00 pm sunday. Filming was scheduled to start at 4:00 AM, so work on this was just getting done. The flag on the wall is the Cuban flag (the place where the film’s story is based). To the right of the car, there is a place that was sealed that actually is a video rental store, and that the production people told the owner that it was going to be used to film a very important scene of the movie. We’ll have to see on that one.

Further down the street, the production team really did a good job at making this look like late 1930’s Havana, Cuba. Actually, this street is part of an old section of town, that actually looks old and worn out. The signs pointed by arrows were made for the movie. This building is actually abandoned. By mid-morning and around noon that day, this place was locked tight, all access to this street was closed. You could take a glimpse tho at the filming from one of the adjacent streets. On the movie, you’ll see people walking around and on bicycles and stuff.

Aaahh, the "Ritz". Of course, we don’t have any in Ponce. But the building they used served fine to that purpose. Apparently this building plays an important role in the movie. In fact, this is an old "market" center built around the 1920’s. The architecture of the building apparently caught the eye of the producers, and rumor has it thatthis building is in fact the cause that the location was moved from Old San Juan (capital of Puerto Rico) to the town of Ponce (2nd largest city, on the south).

The next day I returned for some more photos but they had already wrapped up, leaving miscellaneous stuff behind.