"Anaconda 2" slivers over to Fiji


Maybe I should be opening up a new section to this site centring on all the sequels we don’t need? If I did, “Anaconda 2” will indeed be topping the list. Or close to it anyway. Admit it folks, was the first film really that good? I mean JLo about to get swallowed by a colossal sake [not the first time I’m sure] and Jon Voight hamming it up to the point of farcical as token bad guy. I hear they’ve just opened up an office at Sydney’s Fox Studios for “Anaconda 2” which probably means they’ll be working on the special effects there.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Middle Fork Productions’ sequel to the 1997 thriller “Anaconda “will be the first film to shoot in Fiji under new tax incentives designed to lure offshore production, and which only came into effect this past March, the Fiji Audio Visual Commission said Friday.

As with the first film, Sony is handling distribution on the sequel, which will be called “Anaconda 2: The Black Orchid”. It starts shooting in Fiji from early July, with the country doubling as a backdrop for Borneo.

The original film, about a giant anaconda that stalks a group of people on a boat, starred Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight and Owen Wilson, and was shot in the Amazon. We can almost expect none of those folks to return for the sequel.

Surely this sequel won’t sssssssssssuuucck?