Arnold eyeing another "Terminator"?


I remember reading an article shortly after the release of “Terminator 2: in 1991 that said a “Terminator” sequel will happen every seven years. From what I recall though, that was James Cameron’s words – and he’s no longer in charge, is he? Which is why I’m not at all surprised to hear a “Terminator 4” – before T3 has even been released – is as close to a greenlight as a speed camera.

Arnold Schwarzenegger told The Age newspaper, “"Go out and see the movie. The more successful the movie is, the faster we can make Terminator 4."

"Is this my last Terminator? No. I’ve so many more years left. I’m totally full of energy and thanks to my weight training and cardio-vascular training I’m in great shape."

Meantime, The Arnold Fans are reporting on the big T3 push at Cannes, noting that journalists were shown 7 minutes of footage from the film.

The only actual footage from the film was a seven-minute reel of clips shown to journalists.

Terminator 3 director Jonathan Mostow said the full movie was not ready in time for Cannes and that he and his collaborators decided against showing more than just a few minutes of footage.

"You can take a crummy movie and cut together a great 20-minute product reel, but people are wise to that," Mostow said. "The fact is, we believe we’ve made a movie that works. We believe we don’t really need to try to trick anybody. We believe that people are going to come on opening weekend and like what they see."

The footage shown at Cannes included several action scenes, including a wildly destructive car, truck and motorcycle chase and a battle in a restroom in which Schwarzenegger and a female killing machine (Kristanna Loken) duke it out with porcelain fixtures.

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