Hopefully not a "Phantom" Menace?


A British newspaper [oh yes, so trusting..] is reporting that Joel Schumacher has finally picked his Christine for the film adaptation of “Phantom of the Opera”. And it’s not Katie Holmes, it’s not Charlotte Church and it’s not Rosie O’Donnell – not that the last one was even in the running.

According to The Daily Mail, "Emmy Rossum had been signed on to star as Christine, the young woman who becomes the object of desire for The Phantom of the Opera. She will star in Joel Schumacher’s movie (based on ALW’s musical), with Gerard Butler as the disfigured musical maestro who stalks her through the Paris Opera. Ms Rossum will be just 17 when cameras start rolling at Pinewood studios. Schumacher picked her because she can act – and she satisfied Lloyd Webber’s insistence that his Christine have a terrific voice".

Take this with a grain of salt folks, because there’s apparently trouble with Gerard Butler, so claiming he’s still the star is a huge oversight.

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