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This last season of “Buffy” has been quite grand, which is why I’m going to miss it. It’s well and truly evocative of the earlier days with the proficient combo of laughs, drama and feat – and it hasn’t hurt brining back some of the earlier faces, like Faith, to the fold.

I guess it is time for “Buffy” to end – but gee, it’s going to be forlorn without that weekly fix. Joss Whedon might never be topped again – his writing, his characters, and his imagination – unmatchable. Thank god for DVD. Still, got to be glad “Angel” is still kicking. And boy, I won’t be knocking back an offer to see a “Buffy” movie if it ever happens.

So where to now for the Scooby’s?

Nicholas Brendon – Nicky has been shooting a new sitcom. Somehow I don’t think he’ll ever quite lose the “Xander” tag.

Emma Caulfield – Emma’s giving TV a miss for a while, by doing some films – she starts shooting a comedy in July.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Sarah’s carved out a little movie career for herself. She’s currently shooting “Scooby Doo 2”.

Anthony Stewart Head – Tony is steadily working on British Television, and there’s still a chance his “Ripper” spin-off series may happen.

Alyson Hannigan – Alyson’s the most likely one to inherit her own spin-off, if it ever happens. For the meantime, she’s doing some film work. Her next is “American Wedding”.

Michelle Trachtenberg – Buffy’s little sis is returning to where it all started for her – movies. She next appears in an untitled Montecito project formerly known as “Ugly Americans”.

James Marsters – Good news for Spike Fans, Marsters has recently signed a deal to crossover to “Angel” as a series regular.

For those who won’t get a chance to catch the “Buffy” finale [like myself, because I’m based down under and am about 8 episodes behind] , several reviews have been put up on the net to get you up to speed. This one comes from our friends at Coming Soon.

“This is biggest action Buffy of the entire series run. I think they spent all of the money they had for special effects for the year on the final action shots. The best part of this final episode was the witty banter. Finally it went back to what the show once was, this was because show creator Josh Whedon wrote and directed the finale, but if you are reading this, you already knew that.

“The show starts where it left off last week with Angel running in to save the day and sharing a kiss with longtime soul mate and love Buffy as Spike and the first evil looked on. I haven’t seen Angel at his best like this (in attitude, humor and writing) in years. But don’t get your hopes up cause he only makes an cameo appearance in this episode.

“Ok, now to the gripes, I would of course NEVER give away any real spoilers but THEY KILLED MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!! In fact a few people meet their demise as Buffy and the crew face (and if you saw the ads you caught a glimpse) the biggest army of bad guys ever. One of the other main characters to lose their lives (forget it, I wont spill the beans) is a major player and I didn’t see that one coming because I was fooled by reading interviews that this person(s) was up for appearing in a spin off. Now granted many people have died in the Buffy universe and somehow made it back but it is obvious that at least two of the characters who die are dead dead. It was very sad to see them go.

“Words can’t describe how I felt watching the largest fight scene ever, it was movie quality on the small screen. The special effects are incredible and the scooby gang go where they have never gone before. It was a great way to send off the series.

“A couple of notes, Willow does use vasts amounts of magic with some slightly different results. There has been a lot of talk online since she was the big baddie last year that she could defeat the first evil hands down if she could only control herself from slipping into the dark side. I am not sure, but I think I heard a spin off suggestion (or maybe it was a joke) at the show’s end said by Giles. (come, on, you know he doesn’t die because you have been hearing about a "Ripper" or "The Watcher" spin off since his character left last season) He mentioned a really evil place.

“I will mention it for like the third time. The writing of this episode is so great and great does not even come close to a description. Incredible, superb or perfect are better descriptions.

“Some of the great moments of the episode:

-Buffy and Angel together again, and not fighting and yelling at each other.
-The strategic plan shot around the table between Giles, Andrew, Xander and others as it turns out they are not planning an attack.
-A tender moment with words between Spike and Buffy that does not involve fighting and yelling at each other.
-The slayers in training taking orders and following with no back talk or negativity.
-Dawn confronting her sister after sending her away.
-Willow making a joke about her new girlfriend in front of everyone.
-Xander and Anya getting along without apparent bickering and glaring.
-The opening scene/fight and death of a player.

“Make sure you tape it or Tivo it cause you’re going to want to watch it again and again. It’s Buffy at it’s best and unfortunately the last.

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