Is that a "Firefly" on the screen?


Ok so a “Buffy” movie is a long way down the track [if ever] but one Joss Whedon series which definitely looks like heading to the big screen is “Firefly”. The show lasted about an arms length on TV, but in that time, picked up quite a few fans. Needless to say, Whedon and co. would like the adventures of Capt. Mal Reynolds and crew to continue.

Talking to SciFi Wire, actor Nathan Fillion spilled the beans on a possible movie. "Right now, our hopes and dreams are pinned on a Firefly movie, which TV can’t cancel us out of," Fillion said in an interview at the May 18 Saturn Awards, where he was honored with Cinescape’s Face of the Future Award. "We’re talking silver screen, wide release, big old deal. So everything’s looking very positive, so we’re going to keep our fingers crossed."

Series creator Joss Whedon would write and direct the movie, Fillion added.

Meantime, the show will also gain new life on DVD, which Fillon is currently working on. "I just finished commentary with Alan Tudyk [Wash] on ‘War Stories,’ an episode where he and I got tortured. … And then, Monday, I go in to do audio commentary with Joss Whedon for ‘Serenity,’ the two-hour pilot."

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