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We haven’t heard much about it for a while, but the sequel to “The Princess Diaries” is actually still on the make. The first one was actually quite good – remember? Gorgeous Anne Hathaway as a messy looking teenager who suddenly finds out she’s Queen to a country she’s [or the audience] never heard of. Disney announced a sequel back in 2001, and there’s been a few murmurs since then, but nothing very solid. From all indications, it looked like original director Garry Marshall would return as director [and why wouldnt he, it’s the biggest hit he’s had in over ten years] as would Hathaway as star -but once again no definites. Until today. Moviehole can now exclusively reveal where the sequel will shoot, which cast members have agreed to return for it and what it’s all going to be about.

An insider on the film told us this morning that Filming begins in November, probably in Los Angeles but possibly Prague (substituting for Genovia), with the movie slated for release in Summer 2004.

In terms of cast, Hector Elizondo, Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, and Heather Matarazzo will be reprising their roles, whilst Garry Marshall has signed on to direct.

“The movie will not be based on any of the Princess Diaries books. In fact, it will take place some years after Mia graduates from high school”, says the insider.

Released in 2001, Marshall’s "The Princess Diaries" – based on the famed books by Author Meg Cabot – told the tale of Shy San Francisco teenager Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) who is thrown for a loop when, from out of the blue, she learns the astonishing news that she’s a real-life princess! As the heir apparent to the crown of the small European principality of Genovia, Mia begins a comical journey toward the throne when her strict and formidable grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Julie Andrews), shows up to give her "princess lessons." The two instantly clash-Mia has no intention of leaving her normal life to become the ruler of a far-off country, while her grandmother insists it is her duty. Clarisse is determined to do a complete makeover of this sparkling — if not polished — diamond in the rough in order that she take her rightful place in the royal line of succession. Now, the reluctant princess must make the biggest decision of her life-whether to remain with her family and explore a budding romance with her best friend’s brother Michael (Robert Schwartzman)-or to leave everything behind to accept the royal responsibilities that come with being the Princess of Genovia.

As it would have it, "The Princess Diaries" went on to become one of the sleeper hits of the year, packing in younger audiences in what was otherwise a dry-month for kiddy offerings.

More news on "The Princess Diaries 2" as it comes to hand.

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