Clints Bits – 22/5


Nice to see the trades have caught up [with us] on the news that Peter Boyle has joined the cast of the "Scooby" sequel. One point to us. But what’s this? off the bench and into the Clint’s Bits section they return with a bunch of new stuff, we haven’t even heard of. Let the news unravel..

  • The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that “Onimusha”, a film based on the video-game is indeed happening. Samuel Hadida’s production label Davis Films has pacted with Gaga Productions to make the $50 million live-action adventure fantasy picture.

  • IGN Filmforce has posted — as best they can tell — some previously unreleased stills from the film “Pirates of the Carribbean” here

  • John Stockwell [“Blue Crush”] will direct “After the Sunset”, starring Pierce Brosnan, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Reese Witherspoon will star in “Daughter of the Queen of Sheba”, a big-screen adaptation of Jacki Lyden’s mother-daughter memoir.

  • Actor Jim Piddock dropped by Moviehole today and tells us that he’ll be playing multiple characters in Eric Idle’s “The Remains of the Piano” spoof. In addition, he says he joins a cast that includes “Geoffrey Rush, Patrick Stewart, Alfred Molina, Billy Connolly, Tim Curry, Neve Campbell, Michael York, and Julian Sands”.

  • Yahoo Movies has your first look at the “Peter Pan” teaser poster.

  • John Brownlow has come aboard to pen a rewrite on “The Sailmaker”, the epic adventure tale to be helmed by director Simon West of “Con Air” fame, says Variety.

  • The Underworld website is now live! At – Be sure to check it out. You have to choose whether you are a vampire or a lycan to enter…Thanks to ‘Amy’

  • Paramount and Nickelodeon have tapped screenwriter Peter Ackerman (Ice Age) to pen the script for “Family Jewels”, a remake of the 1965 Jerry Lewis comedy.

  • According to Variety – via Superhero Hype – Mark Hamill’s “Comic Book : The Movie” has been picked up by Miramax for Video/DVD Release. Hamill stars in the film as a comic fan hired to direct a documentary about his comic book heroes Commander Courage and Liberty Ladd who then sets on a mission to save the characters from being exploited by Hollywood.

  • Tim Story (Barbershop) will direct “Ralph”, the story of a black architect who wakes up one day in an all-white world that’s never seen blacks before. It’s being eyed as a possible Eddie Murphy vehicle, says Variety.

  • Warner Bros. Pictures has hired scribe George Wing to write the romantic comedy “Helium” for director David Dobkin and WB-based producer David Heyman, says Variety.

  • The Herald Sun reports that “Charlies Angels 2” stars Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore will be coming to Sydney next month to plug the flick.

  • A-ha, what did I tell ya! About a month ago Moviehole reported that Peter Boyle was going to play Old Man Wickles in “Scooby Doo 2”…and today, that’s exactly what Variety reported. Scoop indeed.