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What's the deal with "Dracula 3000"?

My good friend, Erika Eleniak [you might remember her from “Baywatch”] is in Africa at the moment making a flick. It’s called “Infinite Darkness”, and she says it’s “Dracula 3000”, in contrast to Dimension’s “Dracula 2000”. I assumed this was just her way of explaining what the flick’s about and secondly, Dimension haven’t got anything on their cards called “Dracula 3000”, and have their own “Dracula 2000” sequels due out soon – But today, according to Fangoria, a film by that name, “Dracula 3000”, is indeed in the works.

According to the site, "Beating Dimension to the punch by 997 years, veteran South African director Darrel James Roodt is shooting this update for producer Brad Krevoy entitled Dracula 3000. The story has the Count following Pinhead, Jason and the Leprechaun into space to terrorize a spaceship crew!"

So what exactly is going on here? Whatever the case, I wouldn’t be surprised if the title “Dracula 3000” gets the push and shove…are Dimension going to stand for that? I’ll see what I can find out genre fans…watch this space.

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