Night falls upon "The Woods"


If there’s one filmmaker on the planet right now who I’m always interested to see what he comes up with its M.Night Shyamalan. After “The Sixth Sense”, he was labelled by some crowds as a bit of a “one hit wonder”, and to some extent it’s true, he never did match his first big hit, but his last film “Signs” – even with all its injustices and plot-holes – was a truly entertaining movie. The man has vision, and by all accounts, his next film could well and truly bolster that confidence. Again.

Details are pretty sketchy as to what “The Woods” is about [he’s always been quite secretive about plot] but according to Variety, the film will be set in 1897, telling the story of a close-knit community with a mythical race of creatures residing in the woods around them.

Surprisingly, Bruce Willis isn’t in it – Instead, a bunch of young adulthood – Kirsten Dunst, Ashton Kucther and “Signs” comrade Joaquin Phoenix. Apparently he wrote Phoenix’s role just for him, and wrote the Dunst character, with her in mind for the part.

Shyamalan said that he could conceivably make a movie elsewhere between The Woods and the second Disney project if another studio offered him an irresistible book adaptation. He considered it likely that he’ll go right back to work in an environment he feels comfortable in. He already has sketched out what the follow-up film will be, but wouldn’t divulge it.

“The Woods”, meanwhile, will be produced by Scott Rudin and Sam Mercer shooting will begin in October in Philadelphia for a summer 2004 release.