Famiglietti Rises for the "Machines"


There have been rumours floating around – my in-box saw about 30 of the baby’s float in – that the character Mark Famiglietti plays in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” is actually Kyle Reese. Folks came to the conclusion after visiting the official site and seeing nothing but a “headshot” of the actor, alongside the others, who all had stills from the film above them. But I think it’s pretty safe to say now, that that’s all rubbish with the actor graciously spilling the beans on his character in a recent interview.

Terminator-3.co.uk managed to catch up with Famiglietti and ask him about the movie – and his character.

“Well, my character Scott, in T3, is a young guy who is just happy with the way things are in life. He has a good job (they don’t specify, but by the way he dresses, these were the choices I made when playing the role) and he is looking forward to his life with Kate – Probably looking forward to living the quintessential American Dream.”, says Famiglietti.

And does he meet his match with the T-X? “I actually do survive the wrath of Ms. Loken, but in an interesting way…”

He also comments on Director Jonatahan Mostow,

“Jonathan was great. For a guy with a world of pressure on him, he was always so calm and patient. I owe him everything in regard to this role, he believed in me and he took shot, and as a young actor, that’s what you hope for. And did you have the pleasure of meeting, Mr Schwarzenegger or Ms. Loken? “I had the pleasure of meeting both Mr. Schwarzenegger and Ms. Loken. They were both great. I didn’t have a scene with Arnold, but it was bizarre just seeing him walk back and forth to the set. You find yourself gawking at a movie legend. He is not ‘a’ movie star, he is the movie star. And Ms. Loken was very committed while working. One of the biggest things I look for is a ‘giving actor.’ Meaning while the other person is off camera, they work just as hard for you during your close-up as you did for them. In that regard she was a true pro. Claire Danes was exactly the same.”

“Going to set was a blast. It was one of those places where you always wanted to work more and never wanted it to be wrapped for the day. I remember standing in the middle of studio lot and being surrounded by 6 stages. All of which were taken by T3. My first day, it took me a half of an hour to find the right stage”.

“There will be a few surprises and I think the Terminator fan will be very pleased. I think this film will exceed the artistic expectations many people had for it.”

Check out the full interview at http://www.terminator-3.co.uk/interviews/markfamiglietti/markfamiglietti.asp