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Where's your "New Suit"?

I talked to Danny Strong – Jonathan on “Buffy” – a year or two back about a movie he was making called “New Suit”. It was a big break for the lad, a lead role in what sounded like a promising comedy. And at the time, the actor was essentially work-free with that current season of “Buffy” a Jonathan-free zone. So whatever happened to this flick?

Strong talked to FilmForce about its current whereabouts. “New Suit is an awesome movie. I will say that flat out. It’s an independent film about this guy who is a development executive, like a junior development executive, who gets so fed up with his development executive friends talking about the new hot script, that he makes up a script and tells them about it to play a trick on them. They start trying to find the script, and then this script that doesn’t exist turns into the hottest script in town. It’s basically The Emperor’s New Clothes in Hollywood. The script itself was really good, and it was one of those parts – I’m one of the friends, one of the development exec friends – and it was one of those parts where, when I auditioned for it, I wanted the part so badly… because the movie was good, and the part was good, and you never get them when you want them badly. When I got it – it was actually the first booking I had gotten out of that really slow slump, and it was like, I really needed it. Because it was really gratifying, to come out of that, such a good project, in a really cool part – an older role, where I was playing mid-20’s. I was playing my age as opposed to playing younger, and I’m a bad guy. I’m kind of an asshole in the movie. To get cast like that – everything about it was nothing but good, except for the money. That was bad, but that didn’t matter.”

Strong says it’s a real moral boost. “Oh, like you have no idea. It was so cool, because I got the call when I was having lunch with my dad, so it was cool to get to share that with him.”

And has it got distribution? “No, it hasn’t. They just finished the final edit and they submitted it to Sundance, and we’re waiting to hear from Sundance if we got in.”

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