Still Romancing that Stone?


Whether it’ll be with a walking stick by his side or not is still hearsay, but what is looking likely is a third adventure for “Romancing the Stone” brute Jack Colton [Michael Douglas], with Kathleen Turner also likely to drag herself out of the Health Spa for proceedings.

Douglas announced the news that he’s interested in doing a second sequel to “Stone” [the first being 1986’s “Jewel of the Nile”] to Radio Station MIX 98.5 in Boston. He failed to say whether Turner and Danny De Vito would be returning for the sequel, simply stating "he is looking to get a third installment" off the ground . But that’s quite likely considering the characters of Joan Wilder and Ralph were quite integral to the previous installments.

A Third “Romancing the Stone” movie has been mooted for years – At one time thought to be called “The Crimson Eagle”. In 1997, shortly after Michael Douglas quit the film “U-571” he announced interest in the project – and Fox also showed interest, but both failed to get anything off the ground.

Director Robert Zemeckis had a hit with the original “Romancing the Stone” – with Turner playing a pushy romance novelist who gets stuck among some dangerous figures in Colombia and has only a rumpled guide (Michael Douglas) as an ally. In the sequel, Romance novelist Kathleen Turner and retired soldier-of-fortune Michael Douglas return as a now-complacent couple. Bored with life on a yacht, they find excitement thrust upon them when she accepts a speaking engagement in the Middle East. Once there, she is abducted and finds herself involved with the "jewel" everyone is chasing. Douglas teams up once more with Danny DeVito to rescue his love.

It’s anyone guess what the threesome will get up to in "Stone 3" – should it ever happen.

Thanks to Dark Horizons