Clints Bits – 27/5


Being a long weekend yesterday in the states there hasn’t been a heap of movie news floating about but we’ve still managed to staple a few choice bits together for today’s bits. As wild as some of them may be.

  • A picture of the new ‘Oracle’ – actress Mary Alice – appearing in “The Matrix Revolutions” is up here

  • reports that Peter Stormare has landed a role in Ray Manzarek’s “Riders on the Storm” movie. The film apparently follows "three young film students who decide to take a roadtrip to Mexico to get high but the trip transforms into a nightmare when the boys become involved in a gang war of sorts". Thanks to Dark Horizons

  • Tyrese Gibson told the site that he and John Singelton will be working on a “Baby Boy 2” soon.

  • The Z Review is reporting some pretty wild rumours on “Halloween 9” saying Sally Field, Brian Cox, Shawn Crawford, Maggie Smith, Katherine Issabelle, and Lindsay Booth have signed. Shooting is expected to take place in Canada.

  • The Z Review website reports Don Rhymer has been chosen to write “Jumanji 2”. “Possible additional writers are Chris Van Allsburg, Adam Rifkin, Jonathan Hensligh, Steve Odekerk, and David Ward. The movie is also supposedly going to feature the vice president or president of the US to pull it out of the ocean”, says a scooper for the site.

  • FilmJerk reports that “The Hulk” running time will be 135 minutes.

  • According to the IMDB, Renee Zellweger wants to replace producer’s favourite Beeban Kidron with Calendar Girls filmmaker Nigel Cole on the “Bridget Jones” sequel.

  • Here is the link to the third instalment of the Charlie’s Angels 2 Animated Adventures: "Jackpot Angels."

  • Actor-director Jon Favreau will return as host and executive producer for a third season of the IFC original series "Dinner for Five” says Yahoo! News

  • Scott Bairstow, best known for playing Neve Campbell’s abusive boyfriend on "Party of Five", has been charged with second-degree rape for allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl. According to E! Online, the 33-year-old actor — who is married with two children — is due in court for arraignment on June 3.

  • NW Magazine reports that Renee Zellweger is under consideration to play The Invisible Woman in the “Fantastic Four” movie. Grain of salt folks, grain of salt.

  • reports that the actors next movie will be “Unleashed”. That’s the title folks, not the studio’s proposal.

  • has posted the first set pic from the upcoming “Starship Troopers 2”. Check it out here

  • Joey McIntyre, Jon Abrahams, Cara DeLizia and China Shavers will not return to TV’s “Boston Public” next season, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema is looking to bring the world of street basketball to the big screen as the studio has picked up the pitch "Money Game" and hired writer Jamal Joseph to pen the script.

  • According to the IMDB, “Mortal Kombat : Domination”, the third in the series is in the can and will be out before years end. And theatrically!