Clints Bits – 28/5


It was believed John Goodman was the fave to take the sovereignty, but the trades are reporting that Bill “I won’t do Charlies Angels 2 but I’ll voice a CGI cat” Murray will instead be voicing the “Garfield” character for the upcoming feature film. The film, directed by Peter Hewitt, co-stars Jennifer Love Hewitt. Meow. Ok, here’s the Bits…

  • Your first look at the “Scooby Doo 2” Mystery Machine is up here

  • Your first look at Will Ferrell in costume for “Elf” is up here

  • Dark Horizons has more details on “Anaconda 2” saying "TV Director Dwight Little has been attached whilst the budget is rumored to be at 25 Mil USD. Shooting will be around Deuba, which is about 30 miles east of Suva in an area is also known as Pacific Harbor which was a big tourism center until 2000. Now it is very very sleepy and I would bet that production will take over one of the (pretty empty) hotels there – I go diving near there often so I should be able to find out more. The area there has lots of mangrove channels as well".

  • David Carradine talks “Kill Bill” to BBCi films here

  • Eric Bana talks to Empire Online about Ang Lee’s secret method of preparing him for the role of “The Hulk”: Bare knuckle fighting.

  • New Line Cinema will hold the world premiere of the third Lord of the Rings film, The Return of the King, on Dec. 1 in the kiwi capital city of Wellington says The New Zealand Dominion Post newspaper.

  • The official Bad Boys II Site has gone live. There is a new picture gallery, the story, links to the teaser and trailer, and downloads like wallpaper and buddy icons.

  • IGN FilmForce has posted some new photos from SWAT here

  • Variety reports that an “Old School” sequel is in the works, to once again, star Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughan and Will Ferrell.

  • Coming Soon report on a heap of cameo’s [ie.Buzz Lightyear] to keep an eye out for in Disney’s “Finding Nemo”.

  • The first person ever to walk out of TV’s “Big Brother” in Australia happened last night when Belinda – whose been having a bit of a hard time in their lately – decided she wanted to leave the confines of the house.

  • Whilst Ten has greenlit its sketch comedy series “SkitHouse” for a second season, Nine has canned it’s skit series “Comedy Inc”, with the last episode to air on Wednesday. According to The Herald Sun, the show has not been officially axed; but Nine is believed to be resting the series until later this year or maybe early 2004.

  • reports " ‘slammie03’ reports that "a friend" says that helicopter tour pilots in Hawaii are already telling their guests JP4 will be filming there later this year." Thanks to ‘Clinton Kardi’

  • Michael Sheen has joined the cast of “The Laws of Attraction” co-starring Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore and Parker Posey, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Nicolas Cage will star in “National Treasure” for Disney and director Jon Turtletaub. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s a caper story about a secret code in the U.S. Constitution that bears the whereabouts of a treasure buried during the 1700s. Jerry Bruckheimer produces.

  • Wow! Just six weeks after it’ll hit theatres, “From Justin to Kelly” will arrive on video. The film will arrive in stores in September.

  • New Regency is in talks with Ewan McGregor to star in the Marc Forster-directed drama “Stay”, says The Hollywood Reporter. McGregor will play a therapist at an Ivy League school who tries to prevent one of his students from committing suicide.