Bo tied around Colin


Colin Farrell can do anything. Get away with an American accent, shag pop singers, curse on prime-time television and just about snag any role he wants at the moment. But can he transform himself into a witty, portly little British man? Moviehole’s just received word that Farrell will take on the role made famous by Dudley Moore in a recently greenlit remake of [the hit comedy] “Ten”.

And according to our source, Kristanna Loken, soon to be seen as the iniquitous T-X in “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines”, will be playing the role made famous by Bo “My God, anyone else need a cold shower?” Derek, in the original 1979 film.

The remake was announced a few weeks back by the trades, stating that original "Ten" director Blake Edwards would be back to direct again, as well as supplying the screenplay.

“Bo Derek is in talks for a role too, something supporting”, says our source. “Blake Edwards, the director of the original film, wants to call it 10 Again – but the studio seems to be keen on simply naming it 10”.

In the original film, Moore starred as a middle-aged British songwriter, who becomes fixated on beach-frolicking Derek. He of course, “gets to know her better”, only to discover she’s about as troubled as a tax accountant come June 30.

Anyone else a little disenchanted they’ve cast Farrell in the lead – when it surely needs someone “unattractive” and “comedic” to pull it off?

Thanks to ‘Rog’