Jackman reaches the peak


Hugh Jackman. He’s doing this, he’s doing that, he might be doing this, he’s up for this, and this person wants Hugh to headline that. Rumours border the hot Aussie star at the moment, seems he’s everyone’s No.1 inclination when it comes to casting a film. He’s been tipped to play Bill Bixby in a movie, was up for the George Reeves role in “Truth, Justice and the American Way”, is supposed to fit in a “Wolverine” spin-off movie in their somewhere, and of course, that’s while he’s taking a break from film and spending time in the theatre for the next few months.

Now, according to a report on stuff.co.nz – via Coming Soon – Jackman’s name is attached to a potential movie about Sir Edmund Hillary.

Sir Edmund, of course, is the chap who, with Nepalese Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay, set foot on the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. They had succeeded where others had failed, and had survived a journey that had taken the lives of great explorers before them.

The film would be based on a script by Cartoonist and writer Tom Scott, who told the aforementioned website that a major studio is currently ringing his phone off the hook to acquire the tale. "I won’t put a hex on it by saying which one," he said.

Scott’s a lot happier that Jackman’s name is being branded about as a possible star, rather than the names that have been mentioned before. “"Can you imagine Hugh Grant sort of stuttering his way to the top of Everest. There’s been Kenneth Branagh who is five foot high. Ralph Fiennes who is so sort of tubercular," he retorted.

At one time, Peter Jackson, was quite interested in the script, says Scott. "I was probably the only person in New Zealand who was going into churches with a false nose and hat on lighting candles and praying the Lord of the Rings would never happen." He adds, "If he rang me up tomorrow and said ‘hey, I’d love to do the movie… I’ll say `bugger off Jackson, you had your chance’… No, no I’m going to be firm with him."

"It’s a terrific yarn as anyone who has read any of Ed’s books knows." "It was read by a major studio in Australia. The reader… said Ed Hillary’s life was inspirational and it was the kind of thing that movies needed to be about… There was no sex, drug’ and rock and roll, no car chases, and it was moving and exciting and this is what audiences deserved."

Scott thinks his movie could be like "Dr Zhivago, Raiders of the Lost Ark… elements of Empire of the Sun as well, set in beautiful New Zealand mountains which would look like the Himalayas."

Which reminds me, wasn’t Jackman also up for the role of “Indiana Jones” like-character Dirk Pitt there for a while?