"Get Shorty" and fast John!


Michael Douglas wants to do a new “Romancing the Stone”, Eddie Murphy’s being touted for a fourth “Beverly Hills Cop”, there’s still talk of Bruce Willis doing another “Die Hard”, and of course, Arnold’s back for “Terminator 3”. Seems whenever your careers in the toilet take a look back through your resume and see what you can’t capitalize on. Now, another one-time great is set to dust off one of his big hits to see if he can wring a sequel out of it…

John Travolta needs a hit. Boy, does he need a hit. The “Grease 3” talk is enough to sustain that certainty. After “Basic”, “Domestic Disturbance” and “Battlefield Earth”, Disco-boy’s star seems to be inaudibly falling once again. And Hollywood isn’t known to hand out comebacks third time round.

That’s why John’s perceptibly in talks to do the sequel to one his more triumphant movies from the last decade, “Get Shorty”, to be called “Be Cool”.

Variety reports that the follow-up begins after Chili Palmer [Travolta], the savvy Miami loan shark-turned-movie producer, hatches a hit film and then a bomb. He then becomes the promoter of a struggling singer who is being pursued by the Russian mafia.

Brett Ratner is believed to be in talks to helm it. Ratner’s trying to get anything off the ground at the moment – since exiting “Superman” – so that’s almost a definite.

Ratner owes his next picture to New Line who are hoping he will helm “Rush Hour 3”, but it is far from clear that the sequel will be ready in the short term, in which case MGM would have to make a deal with New Line.

2004 could be the year for Travolta. What with his villain role in “The Punisher”, the promising fire fighting drama “Ladder 49”, and now a “Get Shorty 2”, things might definitely be on the improve.

If all else fails, there’s also “Look who’s Talking again”.