Gives new meaning to "Wonder-Bra"?


Seems “Wonder Woman” – yes another comic to film – is again on the boil, with every starlet and her pooch interested in putting on the unique bra and undies set. Sandra Bullock was always a hot favourite to take off where Lynda Carter left off [in the TV series] –but that seemed to fall apart more rapidly than the Earth’s inner core after Anna Nicole Smith took a plummet off the high board.

Naturally, it’s too early to even speculate who will be playing, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from cranking up and churning out some potentials.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, having finished on “Buffy”, is atop of a list somewhere apparently. Sarah’s all for it too, having buried the Slayer; she’s now looking for a big hot vehicle to cement her future on the big screen.

Jennifer Lopez is also on someone’s wish-list. The curvy singer/actress/puppet master to Ben Affleck’s puppet, is a definite possibility apparently, it all depends on Lopez’s willingness to do the flick.

And then, of course, there’s Sandy Bullock. She’s still in the running – but at the moment, seems very disinterested in the whole thing.

MSN Entertainment asked Jessica Simpson whether she’d be interested in doing the role – she said no – but did say she has another superhero movie in the works. "I don’t know if your everyday person would know it," she recently told reporters, "but I can tell you this — it’s not Wonder Woman."