Clints Bits – 2/6


Hope everyone’s weekend went well and they didn’t end up wrapped out of their brains, at the bottom of a phone box covered in cigarette ash, and craving ‘just one more’ drink. If you did, here’s a bunch of slightly more sane happenings..where’s my stubby?

  • FilmJerk reports that the running time for “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines” will be 109 minutes.

  • Director/Screenwriter Glendyn Ivin’s “Cracker Bag” received the top prize of ‘Best Short Film’ as well as being awarded ‘Best Achievement in Direction’ at this year’s St Kilda. Film Festival.

  • IGN FilmForce talked to “league of extraordinary gentlemen” producer Don Murphy, and asked whether the ‘Sean Connery is editing the film’ rumour is true. "Sean has provided suggestions on the cut of the film. Some of these have proved helpful. He has ‘taken control’ of nothing," explains Murphy. "Indeed he has only been in L.A. twice this year for normal ADR sessions. And the idea of him working from a base in the Bahamas … they must think he REALLY is James Bond."

  • Rumours are abuzz that Australian “Big Brother” contestant, Joanne, will be asked to co-host Nine’s “Sale of the Century” when she leaves the house. Jamie Dury is already tipped to be quizmaster.

  • Paramount and Nickelodeon have tapped David Berenbaum to write family-adventure “Arthur Spiderwick’s Guide to the Fantastic World Around You”, says Variety. The stories center on boy twins and their older teenaged sister who find an alternate world of fairies and goblins in their great-uncle’s rundown house.

  • The first pics from “Hellboy” are now up at the Official Site

  • Access Hollywood talked to Jennifer Garner who revealed the “Daredevil” spin-off, “Elektra” will probably be made next Summer. “We still need to read the first draft of the script, and if it isn’t great than none of us want to do it. I am hoping that it will be done. I had a really great time playing that role”

  • Comics2Film reports that Todd Galicano’s “Ash” script is complete and is now looking to be a live-action movie rather than animated.

  • According to Dark Horizons, Bruce Willis may have a cameo in the upcoming “Charlies Angels : Full Throttle”.

  • Aint it Cool has a speculative report on how Spike makes his way onto “Angel”. Sounds a little dubious – but still interesting.

  • Superhero Hype is reporting that “the [Spider-Man II] photography in November 02 (the fight scene between Doc Ock and Spider-Man on top of the R trains filmed in Chicago) will not only be in the movie but apparently it’s being considered for the teaser trailer due in theaters July (just like Spider-Man 1’s teaser debuted in July 01)”.

  • Think you’ve got what it takes to be a “Mighty Morphin Power Ranger?” – if so, go audition for the new series A< href="">here

  • Pop stars Robbie Williams, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow and Elvis Costello are being lined up to appear in a big-screen musical about Cole Porter. The musicians will appear in forthcoming flick “Just One Of Those Things” – which stars actor Kevin Kline in the lead role, says IMDB

  • Splendid Medien, one of the last surviving members of the German Neuer Markt nouveau-riche club, is in final negotiations to sell off Splendid Pictures, to an unnamed private investor, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The studio’s films include "Agent Cody Banks," "Narc" and the upcoming "U-Boat".

  • The Andrzej Sekula-directed flick "Old Soldiers" about an accountant who goes on holiday to Peurto Rico and gets mixed up in a private war between a bunch of ex mercenaries has fallen apart due to the loss of star, Christian Slater. Slater jumped ship from the film [because of a poor script apparently], and consequently so did his co-stars, James Woods, Burt Reynolds and Timothy Dalton. Apparently the film will now be re-cast, with Sekula in talks with Producer Joel Silver to oversee mach II.