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It's time to go….Jean Claude

It's time to go….Jean Claude

You know your career has really hit the skids when you’re forced to enlist for a “Celebrity Big Brother” style program where you and a band of other failed TV and Movie stars have to live together under the one roof for a couple of months. I mean, there can’t possibly be much going on in your life can there? You won’t believe how’s expected to be doing the French equivalent of the aforesaid TV Show.

Jean Claude Van Damme.

Yep the one-time king of action cinema is in talks to appear on France’s equivalent of reality TV show “Big Brother”, with TV1 Expecting a ‘yes’ from the actor in the coming weeks. He’d join six men and six women in their 20s, who have already been dwelling in a French Riviera villa for several weeks. TF1 spices up the show, called “Nice People”, by having minor French celebrities live with the candidates – mostly models – for a week.

Not surprisingly, Van Damme – who hasn’t had a hit film in about ten years – would be the biggest star ever to appear on such a programme. But along with the discomfiture, he does walk away with $50,000.

A source tells American tabloid the Star, "I don’t know why Van Damme would do it. Except for the fact that the six women are pretty hot and will target him for, ahem, companionship."

The news only reconfirms credence that “Streetfighter 2” isn’t as ‘full speed ahead’ as the rumour mill is suggesting. Is it merely just another ‘idea’ Van Damme has in a hope of resuscitating his dying career?

He’s next contracted to headline “After Death” and “The Tower”.

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