Raiders of the Lost Liver Spot


How many years is it that we’ve been waiting for an “Indiana Jones 4” now? Plenty I say. Ain’t it time they got going on the thing? We’ll maybe they’re about to, with Steven Spielberg telling folks, at Harrison Ford’s Walk of Fame Cementing, that it’s a definite go. "We’re about to launch production next year on ‘Indiana Jones 4’," Spielberg said. But Mr Flockhart..I mean Harry, was a little more apathetic. "I don’t know anything about it except that Steven’s very enthusiastic," he said. "He’s got a period of time to work on the script before I see it. So I should see it in a couple of weeks." Does that mean it’s is a definite go? "I can’t say that until I read it," Ford said. "But it feels like a go to me." Thanks to Coming Soon, The Associated Press