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Clints Bits – 3/6

Clints Bits – 3/6

Hi Folks. Just checked out Dimension’s "Dracula 2 : Ascension" and got to tell you, it ain’t too bad. As I say in the review, it’s amazing how much of a better story filmmakers can derive when they haven’t got money behind them. Much like George Lucas and the "Star Wars" movies I suppose. The original trilogy will never be equalled, because these new ones are all about selling toys and upping the effects ante. Anyway, enough whining…

  • New FX Photos of “The Hulk” are up at Latino Review

  • Set pics of Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman in action on the “Paycheck” set are up at Hollywood North Report

  • Variety reports that Norwegian director Petter Naess will helm the romance film “Earthbound”, about a love affair between a cancer patient and an oncologist

  • The Dixie Chicks song "Travelin’ Soldier" is being turned into a movie with the script already complete though a distribution deal yet to be finalized. The story follows a man who meets the love of his life on the last day before he gets shipped off to Vietnam and yet goes into battle thinking of her – but will she wait for him.

  • Check out the trailer for the new Cuba Gooding Jr effort “Radio” here, the “Looney Toons : Back in Action” trailer here and the trailer for “Matchstick Men” here

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Nussbaum (George Lucas in Love) will direct the comedy “Sleepover”, which revolves around a group of young girls the summer before they make the leap to high school.

  • “Capturing the Friedmans”, the award winning film directed by Andrew Jarecki, broke the house box office record for a documentary over the weekend at the New York Angelika Theater with a staggering $36,768. Thanks to ‘Alex’

  • Brian Levant has come aboard to direct Revolution Studios’ Ice Cube starrer “Are We There Yet?” says The Hollywood Reporter. The film sees Ice Cube star as Nick, a playboy bachelor and sports memorabilia collector who is dating Suzanne, a divorced mother of 8-year-old Kevin and 11-year-old Lindsey, who never like the men their mom dates. When Suzanne is stuck in New York for work on New Year’s Eve, Nick offers to get her kids — whom he has never met — from Washington to New York on one of the busiest travel days of the year. Along the way, the kids do everything in their power to ruin the trip and, in the process, Nick’s relationship with their mom.

  • Brian White will star opposite Bernie Mac and Angela Bassett in the Disney comedy “Mr. 3000”. White will play a rising star who befriends Mac’s character, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Superhero Hype has details on Hal Spark’s cameo in “Spider-Man 2”.

  • ”Mimic : The Sentinel” will be released on DVD/video this October. Thanks to ‘Ktkb3’

  • The Z Review reports that LeeAnne Rime’s “We Can” will be used as the theme song for “Legally Blonde 2”.

  • E Online reports that President Palmer [Dennis Haysbert] may not be in the next season of “24”, saying that only Sarah Wynter (Kate), Elisha Cuthbert (Kim), Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle), Paul Schulze (Chappelle), Carlos Bernard (Almeida) and Kiefer are signed to return.

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