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The inexorable king of golden statuettes, Tom Hanks, and the bearded avenger of everything mega-hit Steven Spielberg are set to re-unite [having previously collaborated on “Catch Me if you Can”] on the film “Terminal”, and details are leaking as to what the film’s actually about.

FilmJerk reports :

"When his tiny country of Slovenia undergoes a coup, Viktor Navorski (played by Hanks) is indefinitely detained at JFK International Terminal in New York. Unable to leave the airport to enter the confines of the U.S. or go back home to a country that no longer exists, Viktor has fallen through a crack of an unforgiving bureaucracy. Despite Port Director Frank Mercer’s efforts to make his exile as uncomfortable as possible, Viktor finds a surprisingly rich life within the confines of the terminal – including a sweet romance with beautiful but insecure flight attendant Amelia (the role Catherine Zeta-Jones is circling)".

Other characters in the movie include a rude elderly East Indian custodian, a 30s/40s African-American immigration officer, a young disabled Honduran food manager, a Latin female I.N.S. officer, and two construction personnel

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