Carpenter up on "Assault"


Even the most middling of films seems to be creditable of a remake these days. Some, like “Oceans Eleven” can turn out for the better, but most remakes fail to live up to the original – whether the predecessor was any good or not. If John Carpenter was to dust off one of his old properties I’m sure many would rather it be, say, “The Thing” or “Big Trouble in Little China”, than the one he has.

According to Variety, the famed horror-science fiction director is prepping an updated version of “Assault on Precinct 13”. For those that don’t remember, the 1976 "Assault" took place in an isolated, nearly abandoned Los Angeles police station, in which officers, staff and prisoners are forced to negotiate a partnership when a vengeful street gang lays siege to the building.

In this new version, the action transports to the present day, in a police precinct made obsolete by the industrialization of its surroundings.

Focus Features will team with Stephane Sperry’s Liaisons Films and Why Not Productions on the film. James DeManaco is scripting.

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