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Licence to Chill

There are troubled productions, and then there are troubled productions. You know the kind. The kind where they can’t seem to get anyone to sign on, or everyone involved in the film seems to have different ideas. But in this case, it’s all rather distressing, when the film that’s having trouble getting off the ground is one Geri Halliwell has been attached to.

‘Ginger Spice’ had been circling “Semper Occultus” [named ater MI6’s motto, Always Secret] for quite a while. In it, she was to play a secret agent in a film about life in Britain’s secret service.

After reading the first draft, Geri’s LA-based agents had apparently asked for a few script revisions before they agreed. Obviously, the script still didn’t meet their expectations.

Ex-Bros singer-turned-actor Luke Goss and Nick Moran had also been mentioned as possible villains – but dropped out to do ‘better’ movies.

So something’s definitely not right when not even Geri will sign on the flick. Sharon Stone, too, passed on the film.

Now, the script has reportedly been left on the desk of Kelly Brook. According to The Z Review, Roger Moore is still onboard to play the head of M-16, whilst Jason Statham is being sought to play the role of a corrupt SAS Commando. Directing will be Mike Hurst.

But seriously, this film’s been in the works for so long, and seems to have dug a deeper and deeper fissure for itself each amend – why not just kiss it off now?

We saw Geri’s acting skills in “Spice World: The Movie”. If that maladroit sack of spuds won’t even do the movie – the movie’s bloody horrifying.

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