A lot at 'stake' on "Angel"


There’s been a lot of talk about why Connor [played by Vincent Kartheiser] is being written out of TV’s “Angel”. Is he unpopular; is his ghastly haircut playing havoc with viewers sleeping patterns? Or is David Boreanaz simply panicky that Vince was stealing too many of his ‘I’m so brooding, despondent and mysterious’ screen-shots. We’ve now got an answer.

According to Kristin at E Online :

“Unlike Doyle, the decision with Vincent Kartheiser was storyline-driven. It’s my understanding that it was never the plan to keep Vincent onboard long-term. But he will be back for one ep next season”.

It’s also pretty certain that Charisma Carpenter will not be returning, says Kristin.

“They are still hammering out exactly what her role next season is going to be, but it won’t be as involved as in seasons past. I heard a ridiculous rumor that the decision was based on something highly superficial–but I refuse to believe it. I have too much faith in the Mutant Enemy crew.”

Meantime, the Aint it Cool News report on Spike’s entrance to “Angel” could be as false as grandma’s toothypegs.

“It’s skulduggery, lies and misdirection! Creative, yes, but false all the same. Apparently an aspiring writer’s spec script ended up getting emailed to a number of spoiler sites and several of them fell for it. I’m sure the writer in question had nothing to do with the widespread distribution of his attention-getting work, but he posted on his Website that he "does not rule out working with Mutant Enemy if the opportunity arises." Good luck with that.” says Kristin.

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