Clints Bits – 4/6


I’m becoming more and more confident that "Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines" might actually be good. There are it’s flaws – besides the obvious – it’s apparently clocked in half an hour shorter than T2, but all in all, the early word seems to be good. Even better, It’s nabbed an R rating – which means plenty of gunfire, head-crushing and leg-breaking. But why the sudden boost of confidence? Warner have just hired the scribes of the film to handle the remake of "Westworld". They’re confident – maybe we should be too. Maybe. Some more "Terminator 3" news, among others, in today’s Bits.

  • Author Aaron Allston has revealed via his official website that he’ll be writing a spin-off novel to “Terminator 3”, called “Terminator Dreams”.

  • John Williams has signed on to write the score for the next Harry Potter film, says The Boston Globe. Williams supervised the music for the first two movies, but for ”Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” he’s actually writing it.

  • Harrison Ford told SciFi Wire that the “Indiana Jones 4” script is not only ready to go, but it’s good. "Steven [Spielberg]’s quite happy with it," Ford said in an interview. "I’m expecting to see it in a couple of weeks." He adds, "The way the process works is that George and Frank work together, then Steven gets the script, then I get the script, and we all work together. We all met together and talked about it before they started writing."

  • “2 Fast 2 Furious” star Tyrese will star in “Extortion”, an idea the actor actually came up with that’s about a street-tough detective who risks blowing his cover when he investigates his foster brother’s murder. In order to get close enough to solve the crime, the cop must infiltrate a gang and become a confidante of a crime lord. “2 Fast” studio, Universal, and Producer, Neil Moritz, helm.

  • The musical comedy script “A Capella”, described as "Bring It On" set in the world of college a capella groups, has been picked up by Disney.

  • Gaga Communications has picked up the film rights to the Capcom game, "Devil May Cry”, planning to turn it into a $40 million dollar movie, set for 2006 release, says Screen Daily

  • The teaser poster for “Dirty Dancing 2 : Havana Nights” has been spotted on the web here

  • Bikkit reports that a full-length “Family Guy” movie may be in the works. Creator Seth MacFarlane told Variety that "It’s certainly some vindication and a sign that the show is as popular as we always suspected. Fox certainly gave the show more of a chance than a lot of shows would’ve gotten, and we’re indebted to Gail [Berman, Fox Entertainment Chief] for the fact that we even got a third season. But it’s also frustrating for everyone who worked on the show. We all felt it was killed before its time". Thanks to Dark Horizons

  • Anyone remember the TV Series “Sledgehammer”? Yep? If you were a fan it might be even more pleasing to hear that a film version could be in the works, according to The Official Site, Dark Horizons

  • The new online Charlie’s Angels 2 game is now live, it’s called Charlie’s Angels: Angel X and you can find it here. Thanks to ‘Amy’

  • Showbiz Ireland have set-pics up from Jerry Bruckheimer’s new blockbuster “King Arthur” starring Clive Owen

  • Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum’s production and financing outfit has wrapped up Caleb Wilson and Matt Allen’s spec script "Four Christmases" in a deal worth mid-six against seven figures, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.