"Iron Man" creators promise No Creases


I didn’t read many comic books as a kid, I was more the type to be swigging a bottle of ma’s Smirnoff behind the old school shed, but of the few comic book characters I was familiar with, one of them was Iron Man. Tony Stark was his name, I believe, and he was well…an Iron Man? Ok, Comics not my forte – but got to tell you all these movies they’ve been making of such characters is a sweet re-acquaint yourself with for folks like me.

“Iron Man” is actually the next comic to film adaptation off the rank, with everyone’s name from Tom Cruise to Leonardo Di Caprio being branded about for the lead role.

IGN FilmForce picked up an Issue of the latest Cinescape magazine, in which Iron Man producers Don Murphy and Avi Arad, as well as screenwriters Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, talked briefly about their plans for the eventual film.

"In Iron Man, he’s putting on a suit of armor that protects his heart – I totally get it," says Murphy. "To me it’s always about, ‘Can I see it as a movie?’ So Iron Man works for me because of that very reason. He’s not going to be Superman turning back the world. It’s believable stuff."

Writer Gough concurs, adding that "the intriguing thing to us [Gough & Millar] was (Iron Man’s alter-ego Tony Stark) has an alcohol problem and he needs the suit to stay alive." Millar finds Iron Man to be "a very unique character in terms of he’s not a teenager struggling with a superpower. … he’s like the Howard Hughes of superheroes."

Gough believes that Iron Man is "a very relevant sort of thing to be doing somebody who’s basically a weapons manufacturer in this world situation we’re in. And also, it’s global. It’s not a guy protecting one city; it has a James Bond-meets-Tom Clancy feel. That’s our approach."

"Iron Man is about a kid whose father was bigger-than-life and he felt like, ‘What’s in it for me?’" explains Arad. "Then he loses his parents and never got to say a kind word to [his father] like, ‘Dad, I admire you and I love you and I didn’t mean to be an [expletive]."

New-Line hopes to unleash the film in 2005. So, who do you see starring as the Man of…Iron?