Griswolds : The Beginning


Got to tell you how cheesed off I was when a couple of preview DVD discs recently turned up for the last two “Vacation” movies. As bad as the last couple were [actually, in my opinion, “Christmas” and “Vegas” were light years ahead of the disorganized/unfunny “European”], I’m a huge fan of the series. So, why, oh why, wasn’t there a bonus feature in sight? Not even the first couple of “Vacation” movies, when released on DVD, had much in the way of extras. Why? Ok, I might have the answer…

According to DVD Premiere Awards, Warner is set to release “National Lampoon’s Vacation: 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD” on August 19th. A-Ha! So that was their idea….save it all up for a Special Edition! Of Course! They did the same with “Gremlins” – and [here in Zone 4 land] we’re still waiting for that SE.

According to the site, “National Lampoon’s Vacation: 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD”, features introductions to the films, and the Griswold family and director Harold Ramis recorded a commentary.

In addition, Five featurettes are included, but they’re hidden on the family truckster, so users will have to click their remotes to find them. They include pieces with Chase, Christie Brinkley and other cast members.

Seems that’s the only “Vacation” due for the ‘Special Edition’ treatment for the time-being, but it’s the best…and deservedly getting the premium treatment over it’s spawn.

Now while you’ve got our attention, WB, how about a new “Vacation” movie? And I’m not talking Randy Quaid and his darn Cousin Eddie spin-off – I’m talking Chevy, I’m talking Beverly, heck..I’m talking Anthony Michael Hall…even Grandma on top of the station-wagon!