Lee's addiction to "Instinct" sequel


Nearly half as much trouble casting, as “Superman”, “Basic Instinct 2” seemed quite a task. Nabbing a lead actress was easy, Sharon Stone was raring to go [and why wouldn’t she considering every thing she’s done since has flopped faster than a phone book tossed mid-air], it’s just she couldn’t find a guy willing to share the sheets with her. Kurt Russell, Robert Downey Jr, Benjamin Bratt, Bruce Greenwood. All were in talks for the film at time or another – but a promise of ‘plenty of protection’ wasn’t enough to sway them to sign on.

At the end of the day, the studio decided to let it go – and Stone was let free of her commitement to do the sequel. After, mind you, being paid $8 million in a pay-or-play deal, where, regardless of whether the movie got made or not, she’d still got paid something.

A few months later, news surfaced that the script for “Instinct 2” was actually quite good – and no one really saw fit to cover it in coal and add it to the bonfire. It was, recycled..in the form of “Risk Addiction”.

The project centers on a female photographer and how she manipulates a male psychologist/psychiatrist who has been assigned to her case. The character of the photographer in "Risk Addiction" originally carried the moniker of Sharon Stone’s memorable role — Catherine Tramell — but is now being called Elizabeth Cole as part of the new turn the project has taken since the departure of Stone in early 2001.

The stand-alone project has, according to The Hollywood Reporter, also caught the eye of a director. In this case, “Die Another Day” director Lee Tamahori. [Yesterday rumoured to also be in talks to direct the film adaptation of “Deathlok”].

Good luck on getting this baby off the ground Chap! – I won’t be at all surprised, if Sharon Stone gets a call to do it.