Wouldn't want to "Jinx" it


Spin-Off’s seem to be the new trend don’t they? Barely minutes after it was released Jennifer Garner was asked to reprise her Elektra role [from “Daredevil”] for a detached film, Hugh Jackman has been talking the possibility of a Wolverine film, and more recently, TV’s Joey has announced he’ll be leaving his ‘Friends’ to front his own show. Oh, and what about the ‘One Hour Photo’ spin-off that’s in the works featuring Gary Cole as the exasperating to the point of hair-yanking department store manager. Ok, that’s a joke on my behalf. The 007 spin-off that’s been talked about for months has a little more truth to it..

MI6.co.uk has a nice little progress report on where the ‘Jinx’ [Halle Berry’s character in “Die Another Day”] is at.

According to the site, “Yahoo Movies have rumoured the release date of the "Jinx" spin-off to be around summer 2005 (when taking into account Halle Berry’s current schedule). E! Entertainment claimed recently that a first draft script had been completed by "Die Another Day" and "The World Is Not Enough" writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, and that Berry would start shooting in mid-2004 after Catwoman has wrapped. Earlier in the year Bond producer Michael G. Wilson said "MGM and ourselves and Halle thought it might be a good idea to make a Jinx film, so we’re just kicking around some ideas with the writers, to see if we can do something with that".

Interesting to note Michael Madsen on the site’s list of credits for the eventual film. Madsen would be reprising his role as Damian Falco, Chief NSA [the character he also played in “Die Another Day”] for the film.

The film’s budgeted at $60-$90 million.

Thanks to ‘Vipul’