Guess who's directing "Superman"…again?


First, McG [Charlies Angels] was asked to Direct “Superman”, he then left the movie. Then, Brett Ratner came on board. He, after tussling with the studio about who should star, left too. Since then, the movie – which has also failed to attract a lead – has been looking for a Director. Jonathan Frakes [Clockstoppers] has been mentioned as a possibility, so has Michael Bay [Armageddon]. But rumours are starting to fly that the film’s about to do a total 360 and return to the beginning…

According to the rumour mill, McG is back in talks with the studio to helm the project. This has been rumoured for a couple of weeks now. It’s only now that the rumour smells of candour.

“Director McG has revealed that he is "this close" to signing up to direct Superman. Speaking during a recent interview with the BBC, he confirmed that he’s still in talks with Warner Bros about the superhero saga, but will make a final decision "in the next couple of weeks. The cards are on the table. It’s a big commitment, and we just want to make sure we’re all on the right page," he said.

McG added that he isn’t worried about the problems previous director Brett Ratner faced trying to cast the leading role, reports The Z Review. In fact, he says he already has a wish list for the Man of Steel: "I have three choices for the role, but I can’t share them yet." Are they all household names? "Not necessarily," McG replied. "I feel like we’re living in a time where a big movie like that, you’ve got to service the movie first. The movie is the star when it’s a character like that, and it’s important to get the right character."

A year or so ago, one of the contenders would be Josh Hartnett, who was apparently more interested in the project when it looked like Michael Bay [who directed Josh in “Pearl Harbor”] would helm.

"It just wasn’t the kind of movie that I wanted to do," Harnett explains to while doing press for his upcoming film, "Hollywood Homicide." "They offered me the role while I was shooting ‘Hollywood Homicide.’ I said no. They offered it to me again, I said no. They offered it to me again, I said no. They offered it to me again, I said no."

"I just didn’t want to play Superman and I’ve turned down all of the other superhero movies too," Hartnett says.

But the actor did reconsider when Brett Ratner, who was initially attached to direct the project, came to speak to the actor in person about the film.

"I talked with Brett, and I really thought that he had great ideas for the film," Hartnett says. "When people pursue you with that amount of vigor, I take it seriously. So, I had to think about it, but no, I don’t ever want to do it and that’s just why I ended up not doing it because it’s just not what I wanted to do."

The reason Hartnett says he turned down the role has more to do with the way blockbusters are made than any bias against the flying comic book character.

"The thing about it is, [big movies are] so focused on the way it looks and getting the technical aspects right that you feel like a prop most of the time and the movies that are more fun for me are the movies that are more character oriented," he says.