They're still "Walking Tall" after all


Call the “Men in Black” movies gigantic plump lame excuses for effects crews to play about on their computers or for scriptwriters to take a nice holiday, but one things for sure being a part of the films hasn’t necessarily hindered the careers of those involved. Oh, The Lara Flynn Boyle exiting “the Practice” case is an exception.

Johnny Knoxville, who played Lara Flynn Boyle’s villainous sidekick in “Men in Black 2”, is set to join The Rock for his new movie “Walking Tall”, reports Variety. According to the trade, the MGM remake being directed by Kevin Bray will pocket Knoxville a career best $5 million, sources said.

The reconstituted vigilante tale casts the Rock as a guy who returns to his hometown, stands up to local roughnecks and becomes sheriff. Knoxville will play a local underachiever with a good heart who is deputized by the sheriff.

Channing Gibson and David Klass wrote the script, and shooting begins June 23 in Vancouver, with Myriad and Hyde Park producing.

Meanwhile, “Men in Black” Director Barry Sonnenfeld seems to be moving on to much more solid work, with a deal in place for him to direct a remake of the 1977 comedy “Have Fun with Dick and Jane”. Jim Carrey is set to star.

The Original film starred George Segal and Jane Fonda as an upper middle-class couple who turn to pulling heists to pay the bills. It was adapted from a novel by Gerald Gaiser. Penning this update is Peter Tolan, who wrote "Analyze This" and "America’s Sweethearts." The original pic was directed by Ted Kotcheff and produced by Daily Variety editor-in-chief Peter Bart with Max Palevsky.

According to the trade, the remake is set to go into production in the Fall.