Interview : Emma Harrison


Soap viewers will know her best for her long-running, statuette-winning performance as Joanna Hartman on TV’s “Neighbours”, but don’t write off New Zealand actress Emma Harrison as ‘just another ex-soapie star’. Because she’s been busier than a fatigued honey bee lately, making sure she skips the tag. CLINT MORRIS catches up with the beauty to talk about her new life as a Hollywood actress.

What have you been up to lately Emma?
I Recently taped a TV pilot. I’ve also been reading scripts and taking meetings. In my spare time I enjoy reading and developing my spiritual side.

Now of course, you started on TV’s “Neighbours”. How do you look back on that, all these years later?
I had loads of fun on "Neighbours." I learned a lot. I was very lucky. I have no regrets. You know when it’s time to move on.

Now all the “Neighbours” stars seem to be turning musicians. Did that ever interest you?
How cool is that. Yes, I reckon dancing and grooving in your own rock video would be loads of fun. The whole creative process. I would love that.

You were in “Streetfighter” with Jean Claude Van Damme, yes?
It was my first feature film experience. The first time I saw Kylie Minogue. She inspired me to get on "Neighbours."

Moving ahead, you’re about to be seen in a couple of big time movies, one of which is “Intolerable Cruelty” with George Clooney and Catherine-Zeta Jones. What can you tell me about it?
I play Rexie’s – played by Edward Hermann – girlfriend in "Intolerable Cruelty." I had a great experience working with the Coen Brothers. I can’t tell you about the film because I haven’t seen it yet.

Ok, and next, “The Company” for Director Robert Altman?
“The Company" by legendary director Robert Altman, is a film set behind the scenes of the ballet world. I play Wendy who is Ry’s (Neve Campbell) Aussie buddy in a Goth club.

Have to ask, you did some TV series in the states – Ally McBeal etcetera – how different were they to do, than say series back home?
No different really;American actors instead of Aussies.

And finally, where are you hanging out these days?
Los Angeles and wherever the job takes me.

INTOLERABLE CRULETY Commences October 10th
THE COMPANY Commences in 2004