Amazing what enough Collateral can do


It didn’t work for Jim Carrey, but making the transition from comedy to drama definitely worked fro Adam Sandler. Heck, as far as critics go, “Punch Drunk Love” is destined to be the only 5 star movie of the Sandler back-catalogue. Carrey’s “Majestic” went down like a lead balloon, as did “Man on the Moon”, and although he was terrific in both –audiences seem to be able to endure Adam Sandler that little bit more when he decides to shift gear. Therefore, he’s going to try it again…

Sandler’s in talks with Michael Mann to join the cast of his thriller “Collateral” set to star Tom Cruise. The film takes place on a single night. After a cabbie picks up a passenger, he and his car are taken hostage as a killer travels around Los Angeles to conduct his business.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sandler was due to meet Director Mann last night. No word yet on how the meeting went. Let’s just say if Sandler bought his ukulele and Rob Schneider was invited over too – with beer and Budweiser in hand – he didn’t get the gig.

Now I think this sounds perfect for Sandler. He’s proved himself [Punch Drunk] and he’s definitely paid his dues [eons of numbskull comedies], so it’s time to see what he can do outside of his secure circle. And with Tom Cruise? Geez, that’s got to be worth seeing.