Clints Bits – 9/6


It’s been a long day today folks, hence the slightly belated bits addition, but I think a good coffee, even Beer, might inject a bit of jazz back into my jive. Thanks to all that’ve posted the news today, while I’ve been out of the office. Meantime, here’s those bits..

  • contacted Warner Bros who’ve confirmed that “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines” does indeed run for 109 minutes. For more information click here

  • "Criminal" starts shooting this next week, starring John C. Reilly, Diego Luna and Maggie Gyllenhaal and FilmJerk have a first look at the script here

  • Hollywood North Report have some exclusive pics up from the set of the new Nia Vardlos/David Duchovny movie “Connie and Carla” here, whilst IGN FilmForce have new “Charlies Angels 2” snaps here

  • Command Entertainment were kind enough to share this link with us, which has images of the T3 Toyota Tundra

  • Coming Soon have received word that the long-in-the-works “Indiana Jones 4” could be filming as early as August. Sounds a little early – but you never know.

  • You can view the poster for “The Matrix Revolutions” here

  • Chad Michael Murray [“Dawson’s Creek”] will star opposite Hilary Duff in “The Cinderella Story”, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Jennifer Lopez is in talks to star in “Monster-In-Law”, which centers on a girl who’s set to marry the perfect guy until she meets his mother, the world’s worst mother-in-law.

  • Ioan Gruffudd has been cast in the role of Lancelot for the forthcoming big screen story of “King Arthur”, for Director Antoine Fuqua.

  • Dean Edwards ("Saturday Night Live") and Patrice O’Neal ("Tough Crowd") have auditioned for the parts of Kenard and Ice Cube’s father in “Barbershop 2”, says Dark Horizons.

  • Sharon Stone has been approached to play Hilary Clinton in a TV Movie, reports the IMDB. The A&E Network is developing a movie which they hope will star Stone, due to air in 2004.