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Sly back in Copland

Van Damme might be doing the French equivalent of “Big Brother”, but the original two stars of action cinema – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone seemed to have chosen 2003 as the year of their comeback. Stallone, especially, who’s signed for some of the most interesting projects of his entire career.

Hot on the heels of Sly’s “Spy Kids 3” gig, comes news that the star of such 80’s doozies as “Rocky” and “Rambo” will be playing real-life LAPD Police Officer Russell Poole, the man who was investigating the murders of slain rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

According to Variety, Sly will write, direct and star in the film, which largely centres on Poole’s tumultuous position, caught in the middle of the mysterious murders. He’s eyeing a September 1st start on the movie.

The film, “Rampant Scandal”, will be told from different perspectives, in the vein of "Rashomon”, starting with Poole’s investigation of the murders of Shakur and Smalls. It follows Poole — who vows to Smalls’ mother he’ll finger her son’s killer — as he unravels the intrigue and cover-ups surrounding the crime.

Very nice move for Sly. He showed us ‘he’s got what he takes’ when he starred in the similar-themed “Copland”, and although the latter flopped, this piece seems to be a much more universally appealing piece which should draw in significantly more crowds.

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